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How long can a Motorola Razr stay on without charging the battery?

Q. Also in this situation, the phone is not being used to call or answer any incoming calls. It does receive texts and calls but no one answers. Also imagine it was fully charged when it got taken away from the owner so it couldn't be used...

Someone please help...It is important to know for a small investigation I am doing for a friend.


A. a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time! i had a razor and it was a good phone and it would stay on for probs a week without being used maybe a little less since it recives calls and texts

How do I fix my Motorola Razr Phone so that the outer screen stays viewable when the phone is closed?
Q. I want to be able to see if I have missed calls or messages without opening the phone.

A. if i have a missed call or a message it automatically shows me on the outside of mine, i didn't have to configure anything. the side buttons let me select and scroll through the messages and read them as well.

Why does the camera on my motorola razr not work?
Q. I have had it about a year and two months and sometimes the camera works and sometimes it doesn't. Right now it doesn't so I need some help.

A. my camera phone switched off automatically because it took damage
i advise to buy a new phone.

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