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Can you pair a Motorola bluetooth headset to a PS3 to talk interactively?

Q. This question is for my husband obviously - but he has a motorola S9 bluetooth headset he'd like to use on the PS3, just doesn't know if it's possible!

Anyone else know?

A. Well, yes its should work as it is bluetooth. Erm.. as for connecting it here's the simplest way I can put it really;

Navigate to Accessory Settings on the XMB and press X

Next go to Register Bluetooth Device and press X

It should show a message asking you to start scanning, press X

It should find your Bluetooth Headset

It should ask you for the pass key, in most cases it should be four 0s ("0000")

That should end the registration process of your Bluetooth headset

Now navigate back to Accessory Settings and select Audio Device Settings, and press X

Set Mic Level to 5, and Both Input Device and Output Device to your Bluetooth Headset if was not already set!

You might have to pres a button on your headset, for guidance refer to instructions with the head set!

Hope I've helped!

How do i get my Motorola bluetooth H350 headset to ring a different ringtone on my razr v3 phone?
Q. For example, when it's connected it rings the standard ringtone on my phone, but when I disconnect it, it rings the voice ringtone I have.

A. Dada Mobile offers 10 bonus ringtones. Visit them:

How do I install a Motorola Bluetooth Hands-free to a Samsung BlackJack i607?
Q. I turned it on and my cellphone says "no devices were found" and when I go to the Headset menu it says "cannot find headset device please retry after the pairing process"... What do I need to do? Thanks!

A. Click install.

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