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How can I download free Motorola c650 usb driver?

Q. I tried to transfer mp3s from my computer to my phone using usb cable but the computer said I have to install a software which I don't have. So how can I get the software?

A. I went on eBay and got the Motorola phone tools program for just a couple of bucks and it was an instant download. Then you have all you need to put songs and ring tones on your phone.

Can I update Motorola modem drivers without the original CD-ROM?
Q. I have the SB5101 and lost the install CD-ROM. The Motorola website says to insert it for making updates. Is there another way?

A. Here are some drivers:

When installing you will have an option to choose 'other location' so pick the directory you have extracted the drivers.

How do I install the device driver for a motorola w180?
Q. My friends ex-girlfriend stole his phone charger and the only way i can charge it is with the usb cord for my phone but it can't find the drivers to install. It's also a Tracfone if that makes a difference.

A. This is the Motorola download page:

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