Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

How do i add ringtones to my motorola I860 without downloading webjal?

Q. is thier another software that i can use?

A. It is easy! You can go to http://www.mp3-to-ringtone.com/jie/mp3-to-ringtone-gold.html
to help you.It is very cool!

What is the website to download motorola phone tools?
Q. I need to download motorola phone tools for my computer, I downloaded it before on my other computer but that one crashed and I need it again. I just can't remember the website. help?

A. http://www.brothersoft.com/motorola-mobile-phonetools-download-61039.html

How/where can you download old motorola ring tones like Windchimes and Bubbles?
Q. I have a motorola razer and I can't stand the ring tones that come with this phone. I have an old motorola flip phone that has the ring tones I like, is it possible to get the tones from that phone? I've checked motorola web site does numerous internet searches and the only things I can download are songs.

A. You may be able to find them at wap.3gforfree.com. you will need to go to it from your cell phones browser. They have a bunch from nokia and motorola.

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