Selasa, 16 Juli 2013

Has anyone heard more info on the new Motorola cell phones that work with Verizon service?

Q. I read about a list of supposed new Motorola Verizon phones mid - December, but haven't heard any new information as of late.

A. There is the KRAVE: ZN4
Rapture: VU30
Adventure: V750 with Push to Talk

What would you say is the best motorola cell phone there is to get?
Q. My moto rizr broke not too long ago and I was thinking about getting a new one off ebay because I am being told I have to ship it to Singapor because thats where my warranty is covered. I loved the Rizr, but I am wondering if there is another phone that is better. I want a phone with a good camera too.

A. I love the RIZR, there is not a better Motorola phone out there

How do i finally get rintones on a w175 motorola cell phone?
Q. My company want let me download ringtones on my phone what other way to get ringtones on it?

A. ventones

you can download or create ringtones for FREE at Ventones

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