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How do you download music to motorola moto w755?

Q. I just got the phone at the start of the week and I really want to download music to it. How do i download music to the phone from my usb cable?

A. you can do it via Windows media player:
Connect your phone to the PC
1.Press the Center Select Key
2.Press the Navigation Key scrolling right to GET IT NOW
3.Press the Navigation Key scrolling down to Music and Tones and press the Center Select Key
4.Scroll to Sync Music and press the Center Select Key your phone will display Connected
5.Open Windows Media Player 10 on your PC and select the SYNC option. The music files stored on your PC are displayed on the left side of the Windows Media Player.
6.Check the songs you want to transfer
7.On the right side of the windows Media Player, select whether you want to download the music to Removable storage card or VCast Mobile Phone
8.Press the Start Sync button on the upper left of the Windows Media Player

The message Synchronization Complete displays on your phone when the transfer is complete.

9.Disconnect the phone from the PC
10.Press the End Key to return to the home screen

or you can download VCast music manager:

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