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How do i pair motorola 2way radios?

Q. I have 2 pairs of motorola 350r 35 mile range. i want all 4 to work together.... any help?

A. If they are that kind of range, they would be commercial radios, in which case I would recommend you consult a Motorola dealer to have them programmed to your licensed frequencies.

does anyone know where i can get a Motorola Specra Mobile Radio programed?
Q. I Bought one of these on ebay and need to get it programed.

A. Look in the yellow pages under two-way radio service... There should be a MSS (Motorola-licensed Service Shop) somewhere near you.

what is the distance between the plug inputs of a motorola talkabout distance radio?
Q. I work a small convention and we have a set of older Motorola TalkAbout Distance Radios. I am looking to get a headset that has both of the plugs in one, but I am not sure of the distance between the inputs and I want to make sure before I buy.

A. You need to buy accessories specifically designed for them - the connectors seem proprietary to Motorola.

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