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How do I install a Motorola Bluetooth Hands-free to a Samsung BlackJack i607?

Q. I turned it on and my cellphone says "no devices were found" and when I go to the Headset menu it says "cannot find headset device please retry after the pairing process"... What do I need to do? Thanks!

A. Click install.

How can you find a pin for a motorola bluetooth?
Q. I lost the paperwork for my motorola hc500 bluetooth and I can not connect it to my new phone w/o the pin. How can I find a pin?

A. All Motorola bluetooth headsets have a default PIN of 0000. That should work for your headset as well. I work in Best Buy's wireless department and have a Motorola headset as well.

I found a motorola bluetooth 500. How do I program it to my phone?
Q. I tried to hold down the talk button for 10 seconds and found it by using the connection on my phone but it didn't stay connected and wouldn't connect again until I tried it later on. Is there something wrong with it?

A. press for 10 sec. wait for it to flash all crazy, then just look for it from ur phone... check what the passkey is or ask someone whos got one, probably like 1111 and on the bt just tap the button thats it

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