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How do you program a Motorola Radio?

Q. We have about 8 Motorola GP340 radios which do not seem to do anything except make loud beeps. If you put them all on channel 1, and press the talk button, nothing happens, no sound is heard or anything. I suppose I need to program them? I have found some ancient Windows 98 software but i'm not sure if this is the correct thing to use. The software is Motorola Professional GP300 CPS, which doesnt seem to do much when I have it plugged in. I am using a USB to Serial adaptor.

A. Many Motorola radios required a radio interface box (RIB) to be programmed. You probably also need the exact program. If you can't read the programming in the radio with the program you have you won't be able to program with it. The dxportal site below has GP340 software. The USB to serial adaptor may not be right and causing the read/write problem. You can also get a USB cable that claims not to need a RIB interface. The second link below leads to a list of USB cables for the GP340. I see it wrapped funny. Make sure you get the whole link or you can find them on eBay.

How far does a motorola cp radio talk in radius?
Q. I use one of these for my job & it got me curious. How far do these go? I tried searching online, but doesn't say. How are these different from a regular walkie talkie?

A. Not sure what a cp radio is. If you meant CB, then figure a hand held would be good for a few miles, a mobile might be good out to 10-15 miles and a base station might be good for 30 miles. All of these assume a very good antenna, and they disregard the "Skip" signals that go much farther but not reliably.

What frequency does my Motorola Talkabout radios operate at. Is there other brands that use those frequency?
Q. I have the 22 channel FRS/GMRS hybrid.

A. CH01 462.5625 *
CH02 462.5875 *
CH03 462.6125 *
CH04 462.6375 *
CH05 462.6625 *
CH06 462.6875 *
CH07 462.7125 *
CH08 467.5625
CH09 467.5875
CH10 467.6125
CH11 467.6373
CH12 467.6625
CH13 467.8874
CH14 467.7125

15 through 22 use the following frequencies, though channel designators do not follow in order, depending on the model of radio used:


Please bear in mind, use of any channel *except* channels 7-14 require an FCC GMRS license.

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