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How do i finally get rintones on a w175 motorola cell phone?

Q. My company want let me download ringtones on my phone what other way to get ringtones on it?

A. ventones

you can download or create ringtones for FREE at Ventones

How do you remove the battery cover on a Motorola cell phone?
Q. The model number is V266, but it looks like most Motorola flip phones of a few years ago. It's quite similar to any of the V2xx family, such as the v260, v262, v265, v265, and v276.

A. Hi James,

Page 7 of the user manual describes how to remove the battery cover.You can download the user manual for free from the Motorola support website at


Hope this helps

What is the cheapest Motorola cell phone with camera and 2 way talk?
Q. I am looking for a Motorola Cell phone that has camera and 2 way talk on it that is not real expensive.
I just want a cell phone, no plan. With camera and 2 way talk that is reasonable, but not expensive. Has to be a Motorola cause I have Boost plan

A. try www.motorala.com

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