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How do I transport pictures from my Motorola Razr V3C camera phone to my computer?

Q. Like mentioned above, I'm having difficulties getting the pictures on my Razr to my PC. (I have Windows XP if this matters) I have a USB plug that fits into my phone, so I'm assuming that it would work. When I plug it into my computer the computer shows a message that new hardware has been found (Motorola V3C) but when I try to load necessary hardware it shows that none could be found. So I'm at a loss for what to do. Hopefully someone else with this phone or someone who knows what is going on can help me. Thanks!
When I connect both to the mini USB cord and check in My Computer, there is no big folder that shows anything to do with the phone. Just the typical people's folders and the CD drives.

A. You need to have a driver and data trasfer software. The driver you can download of the web for free, but it would only allow you to charge your phone through your computer so since you want to transfer data, you should buy Motorola Phone Tools. Its retail price is 30+, but if you buy it on eBay, you could get for under 15 bucks.
I did some research and found the driver:
and a good deal on eBay for Motorola Phone tools:
Hope this is helpful!!!

What was the retail price of the Motorola Razr when it first came out?
Q. Amazon is selling them now for about 70.00 with an original retail of 299.00. Is this correct?
Is this the most popular cell phone of all time?

A. No. It was more like 500.00 when it first come out.

How do i get the pictures on my motorola RAZR V3 camera phone on to a computer?
Q. I here that you can send the picures to your e-mail but I have over 100 pic! I don't want to spend that much $ to send! There has to be an easier way right? I even tryed plugging it in with the USB but it wouldn't get a connection? Dont tell me I have to go out and buy a special software for it?

A. As far as I'm concern, you can only do it via e-mail.
I think It will be necessary for you to expand your MSG plan to accommodate for all those pictures.

Do you have them safe to your phone? If you have them safe to a memory card, you could use that memory in another device, like a digital camera, if compatible, and open them through there. Just a thought.

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