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How do you put music on your phone by using MOTOROLA PHONE TOOLS?

Q. ok, so i have motorola phone tools, and audacity. And i want to make some ringtones and put them on my phone. I have a USB cord. But i dint kno how to do it. can some one plz tell me the exact steps to do this?

A. Is your phone a Verizon phone? If so it won't work.

Only MPT is needed.
Start MPT. Ensure it is Up To Date.
Create a profile
Choose Cable Connection
Ensure your phone is in Modem Mode (Menu > Settings > Connection> Modem)
Connect when your pc when it asks you to.
Let it setup.
Select Multimedia or Melody Studio on the left side
Find the file you want to transfer to the phone
Edit it if you like
Save and then transfer to the phone.

Please note that if you have a Vista windows machine that you will have to get the MP3 encoder in order to create MP3 ringtones to transfer to your phone. Call Motorola as they know where you might find the encoder. Microsoft chose to not include the MP3 encoder with Windows Vista. You are able to play MP3's on vista because an MP3 Decoder is included.

Can I use my 3G Motorola V3x to connect to the internet without the Motorola Phone Tools?
Q. I'm looking for an alternative software or another method to do so, without the Motorola Phone tools, as I lost the CD. I can't download it, as Motorola wants me to pay for the software!

I also have Ubuntu, if there isn't a Windows alternative.
Thank you.

A. Your phone

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How to add song to motorola phone tools?
Q. I have ares andi want to add the songs to mottorola phone tools for my razr v3 how do i do that??

A. You can't add any think to MPT. You use it as a user interface to transfer files from the PC to the phone and from phone to PC.
Hope that helps.

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